Q-CAT has a charitable constitution, first adopted in 2008.  It is a simple trust deed.

The Charity’s objects are

i) To promote the religious concern recognised by Britain Yearly Meeting and Meeting for Sufferings for the abolition of torture

ii) to promote, educate and raise awareness of Friends, other churches, other faiths, the government and the public at large concerning: the absolute nature of the ban on torture under international law, the realities of the use of torture in the world today, including damaging effects on both victims of torture and torturers, and the wider effects of torture on civic society.

Up to 9 Trustees are appointed through the Supporting Areas Meetings (Central England, North Wales, and Wirral and Chester) and are able to serve up to twelve years.  In addition there may be two co-opted Trustees.

Currently the constitution is being redrafted to allow for more overt Quaker governance in its workings.  Q-CAT has also applied for Linked Recognised Body status through Meeting for Sufferings, and is in the process of clarifying its relationship to Britain Yearly Meeting.

Copies of the current and draft constitutions may be obtained on application to