How You Can Help

Quakers can and do speak out about torture – which is as rampant today as ever. Its continuing use harms  victim, perpetrator, those in authority or society which condones its use. Our trustees are keen to involve more Quakers as supporters in this important work.

Here are 10 suggestions of ways you might be able to help with Q-CAT’s work; by
1)  exploring the rest of the website to get informed

2)  receiving and sharing our Briefings and Newsletters

3)  considering becoming a Trustee (see below)

4)  considering becoming a Q-CAT correspondent for your Area Meeting (see below)

5)  writing to your local MP about related matters if given guidance

6)  using skills you have to further the Concern (e.g. website support, social media)

7)  hosting a meeting locally about Q-CAT (speakers provided)

8)  getting your Local Meeting to hold an appeal for Q-CAT

9)  making a personal donation

10) anything else you can think of!

You may also wish to support other charities that work against the use of torture in different ways.

We’d love to hear from you. Please email  your interest, queries and  suggestions to Jane Laxton at including the name of your Local and Area Meeting if appropriate.

Being a Trustee

Our Governing document/Constitution  includes information about the official status of the Trustees of Q-CAT as a Charity. However in practical terms our Trustees – at present 6 but we can have up to 12 – form a committee to advance the work of Q-CAT, for example through Briefings and Newsletters, special events, campaigning, promoting contact with MPs. We meet, currently by Zoom but in normal times in person, about 4 or 5 times a year but can call an extra meeting if the need arises. Between meetings we communicate by email. Trustees are appointed by the current Trustees on nomination by a Supporting Area Meeting.  We also welcome nomination or self-nomination by individuals.  Trustees appointed from Supporting Area Meetings normally have any travel expenses paid by that meeting, and others from Q-CAT funds. There are a number of specific jobs e.g. clerk, treasurer, website editor, newsletter editor, but all the Trustees contribute to the work from their own experience.  Email one of our Trustees if you would like to explore this further.

Being an Q-CAT correspondent for your Area Meeting

We are keen to have links with Area Meetings, whether Supporting Area Meetings or not, and one way to do this is through a correspondent, appointed by an Area Meeting, who acts two-way, receiving information from Q-CAT to forward to Local Meetings, and also giving feed-back from them.  Email one of our Trustees if you would like to explore this further.