Current work

Q-CAT’s work has several strands                                                                                       * see Main Menu

Keeping people informed

a)     We have two series, Newsletters and Briefings, which alternate at approximately six-weekly intervals.  If you wish to be added to our emailing list to receive these direct, please contact

The *Newsletters usually have a round-up of recent press or website articles on subjects related to torture, news about recent and forthcoming events, and sometimes longer articles about current issues.

  • The most recent, No 36 for June 2019, includes Update: proposal to grant armed forces immunity from prosecution after 10 years; Mordaunt pledges to review internal MoD guidance on torture; reference to article Prohibition against torture; recommendations from the Committee against Torture inspection of UK; torture in Syria ~ Events: UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture; Q-CAT at Britain Yearly Meeting; protest at the DSEI Arms Fair.   The next Newsletter is due out in September 2019.

The *Briefings are longer, more in-depth papers on relevant matters of interest.

  • The most recent, No 62 for August 2019, UNCAT visit to the UK in April/May 2019, highlights some of the main recommendations arising from the recent four-yearly inspection of the UK, including the fact that many of the recommendations from the previous inspection  had not been implemented. The next Briefing is due out in mid-October.

b)     *the Friend

We also post material on torture which has appeared in the Friend, the Quaker weekly publication.

*Events – further details on Events page

These currently include

  • Plans for Q-CAT participation in the protest against the DSEI Arms Fair in September.
  • Performances of Feeding the darkness, shining a light on state-sanctioned torture through story, poem and song.

Holding the Government to account

For example, we have written to the Secretary of State for Defence enquiring what guidance is available to British military personnel who think they may have received an order contravening British or international law.

We are writing to the Defence Secretary to object to her proposal to grant members of the armed forces immunity from prosecution after 10 years.

Working with other bodies which focus on torture

At a national level we are discussing how to develop partnership working and will post details when they are available.  Locally we encourage joint action and projects by Quaker meetings with other bodies such as branches of Amnesty International, Freedom from Torture and local peace groups.

Developing our register of contacts

Q-CAT welcomes feedback on our Newsletters and Briefings and invites Quakers and non-Quakers to register to receive them.  If you wish to be added to our emailing list please contact

Encouraging interested people to become involved

Q-CAT has opportunities for people to volunteer for the Concern (e.g. trustee roles, website support, research and writing on torture, running local meetings and events and we welcome suggestions for other work).  Please contact our convenor, Juliet Morton, if you are interested.