Singing about torture: “A Knock on the Door”

Q-CAT has commissioned a short musical work “A Knock on the Door” written especially for amateur choirs and small groups. Its protagonists are an abusing interrogator and a prisoner. Sally Beamish, who is a well-known composer and a Quaker, and Peter Thomson, librettist, are between them producing the most amazing piece. Our future hope is that small choirs, Quaker local meetings, area meetings and other groups, might come together to rehearse and sing it. It could even become a community effort, with a small concert at the end. It should be enjoyable to do, as well bringing people together in a united effort and raising awareness of this problem in a way that is not traumatic but memorable. It is a protest about oppression and a witness to the resilience of the human spirit.

The plan is that the premiere will be in 2022, probably in Birmingham during the Commonwealth Games. Information about how groups can access the music will be available in due course, so “watch this space”. In the meanwhile Q-CAT is fundraising to cover upfront costs. The Appeal Leaflet has been sent to Quaker local meetings and can be found here at Get Informed. There has also been an article about this in the Friend which can also be found at Get Informed.

Feeding the Darkness

We are delighted to promote our especially commissioned production of Feeding the Darkness, a 65 minute immersive performance that challenges ignorance and avoidance of the subject of torture.

Journeyman Theatre is now taking this production around the country following its premier at the yearly meeting of Quakers in Britain in May 2016.  Find out more about on this on

Update (December 2020):  This is now available as a video at .

See also on this site Newsletter No 24 and article from the Friend 29th July 2016.

Q-CAT Workshop Quakers and Torture 10 Questions to get us thinking

This is available to be held at Quaker meetings and can be tailored to your requirements.  If you are interested in this for your meeting please email