How we fit in with other Quaker Structures

Quakers in Britain are organised through individual worshipping groups (‘Local |Meetings’) being organised in 70 or so AREA MEETINGS.  Area Meetings are the prime regional decision making bodies, each of which is also a separate charity.  Overall Quaker authority and common work is held through the annual YEARLY MEETING.  This body gives its name – Britain Yearly Meeting – to the whole organisation and employs the staff at Friends House in London.  It delegates policy matters in between yearly meetings to the representative body for all area meetings, called for historical reasons Meeting for Sufferings.

Quaker structures are explained on the Britain Yearly Meeting website

Q-CAT is a charity set up by SUPPORTING AREA MEETINGS to which Meeting for Sufferings has delegated the furtherance of the Quaker concern for the abolition of torture.  In 2014 Q-CAT became a Linked Recognised Body of Britain Yearly Meeting i.e. part of the formal structures of Britain Yearly Meeting as the church, but not under the direction or financial management of the trustees of Britain Yearly Meeting (the charity).   Presently the Supporting Area Meetings are Central England, North Wales, South East Scotland and  Wirral and Chester.