When the series of newsletters first started they reflected the merger of Quaker Scheme for Befriending Overseas Prisoners (QSBOP) with the Quaker concern for the Abolition of Torture (Q-CAT) so up to No 9 the heading says Incorporating Inside Story, which was QSBOP’s newsletter. In fact there is no further mention of writing to prisoners after No 7 as that aspect of the merger dwindled.

2021 download list (PDF)
  • No 44 - June

    Update: Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Act; Torture victims kept in solitary by Home Office ~ UN internationsl Day in support of Victims of Torture 26th June ~ New publication  by REDRESS – Film The Mauritanian

  • No 43 - March

    Update:  Overseas Operations (Service Personnnel and Veterans) Bill; Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill; Syrians Convicted ~ “Detention” of asylum seekers – at home and abroad

2020 download list (PDF)
  • No 42 - DECEMBER

    Update on current legislation: Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill and, related, Australian troops’ behaviour in Afghanistan; Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct Bill) ~ News from other organisations working in torture prevention: Omega Research Foundation; Redress; Atlas of Torture; Freedom from Torture ~ Other news: Sally Beamish; Feeding the Darkness video

  • No 41 - SEPTEMBER

    Update: Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill; Yemen; China ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~ Feeding the Darkness video version ~ A Knock on the Door appeal

  • No 40 - June

    Update: Under cover of coronavirus; Syrians on trial in Germany for war crimes; Immunity from prosecution ~ Practical action against torture ~ Forthcoming Briefing on Psychological Torture and Cybertorture ~ Constituency information

  • No 39 - March

    Update: Eminent Monsters: a manual  for modern torture (new documentary); Psychological Torture; Abduction and denial – the UK’s role in Torture (reference to two articles); ICC investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan ~ Singing against Torture – A Knock on the Door ~ Yearly Meeting Gathering ~ Margaret Hodson

2019 download list (PDF)
  • No 38 - December

    Update on investigation into UK complicity in torture overseas; MI5’s ‘the third direction’ policy is challenged; Asylum seekers falsely imprisoned by the Home Office; Film ‘The Report’; Q-CAT Business

  • No 37 - September

    Update: Allegations of UK complicity in torture overseas; UN torture conference postponed; Public consultation ~ Other Q-CAT activities: UK must not sell tools for torture; Q-CAT commissions.

  • No 36 - June

    Update: proposal to grant armed forces immunity from prosecution after 10 years; Mordaunt pledges to review internal MoD guidance on torture; reference to article Prohibition against torture; recommendations from the Committee against Torture inspection of UK; torture in Syria ~ Events: UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture; Q-CAT at Britain Yearly Meeting; protest at the DSEI Arms Fair.

  • No. 35 - March

    Update: development of guidelines for ethical investigative interviewing; Freedom from Torture report on Sri Lanka; Submission to the UN Committee against Torture ~ Events: Nicholas Mercer speaking in Durham; protest at the DSEI Arms Fair; Cycle against Torture; Q-CAT at Britain yearly Meeting

2018 download list (PDF)
  • No 34 - DECEMBER

    In the news: Sri Lanka, Palestine, Labour queries US pressure over torture and rendition inquiry ~ UK to be reviewed by UN Committee against Torture ~ Conference follow-up ~ Cycle for Torture ~ Trustees’ Meeting ~ New Supporting Area Meeting.


    Q-CAT Conference flyer ~ From newspapers and websites:  responses to the Intelligence and Security Committee’s report Detainee Mistreatment and Rendition 2001 – 2010, reference to UN Rapporteur report on continuing torture in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, and to a letter to the Home Secretary from 30 refugee groups and faith leaders ~ Trustees sought ~ Freedom from Torture’s Cycle Against Torture 2019

  • No 32 - JUNE

    In the news: British Government apologises to Belhaj and Boudchar; revision of Consolidated Guidance on Detention and Interviewing of Detainees Oversees; is the UK’s policy fit for purpose?; Home Office definition of torture; appointment of Gina Haspel as new head of CIA ~ UN International Day in support of Victims of Torture ~ Q-CAT at BYM ~ Conference in November

  • No 31 - MARCH

    Holding the US to account for torture and other serious crimes in Afghanistan ~ Recent reports from the United Nations Committee on torture ~ From Horror to Healing ~ Help needed at Britain Yearly Meeting ~ New Leaflet ~ Trustees Meeting

2017 download list (PDF)
  • No 30 - DECEMBER

    In the news: reference to reports in the Guardian of historical and current torture ~ We have ways of making you talk (recent research on interrogation methods) ~ petition by Freedom from Torture to the Prime Minister ~ Q-CAT matters


    In the news: good news from a law suit in America, bad news from UK. and around the world ~ link to Freedom from Torture on-line campaign ~ reports on Q-CAT activities ~ longer report of a discussion by eminent speakers: Anti-torture day: state of the world today – are we going into reverse? ~ Trustee matters ~ addition to website list of organisations concerned with torture and its victims

  • No 28 - JUNE

    Round-up from linked websites: recent items on UK policy; UK involvement with countries with bad human rights records; on torture abroad ~ Events~ Feeding the Darkness update ~ Looking at information about the UK in Does Torture Prevention Work? ~ Report from Trustees Meeting

  • No 27 - March

    Good news: MPs are talking about torture; Government officials are to be held to account; Yes, Torture Prevention Works; Mendez’s procedural points are taken forward ~ UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture; Feeding the Darkness; Trustees Meeting; 10 Questions workshop

2016 download list (PDF)
  • No 26 - DECEMBER

    In the news: Redefining torture; Home Office assessment of evidence of torture; “Vexacious” claims; Waterboarding in US; Released from Guantanamo Bay ~ Website; Action by Christians Against Torture; Feeding the Darkness


    In the news: CPS not bringing charges against MI6; medical torture in Iran; Mendez addresses UN ~ Q-CAT activities: Feeding the Darkness; Q-CAT workshop; Trustees Meeting

  • NO 24 - JUNE

    In the news: row between M15 and M16 about British involvement in secret rendition; suppression of documents; Andrew Tyrie’s work; new claims by Kenyans ~ United Nations Day in Support of Victims of Torture ~ A simple message to get over, when talking to people about torture ~ “Feeding the Darkness” at BYM and Colwyn Bay ~ Q-CAT at BYM Groups Fair.

  • No 23 - March

    In the news: Shaker Aamer; Unreliable evidence ~ No torture, no compromise? The heart of darkness, secrets and lies – Review of chapter in On Liberty ~ Backsliding on the torture ban: Juan Mendez’s address to Freedom From Torture ~ Trailer for Feeding the Darkness presentation at Yearly Meeting

2015 download list (PDF)
  • No 22 - December

    In the news: Shaker Aamer; New head of Intelligence and Security Committee ~ Guardian in-depth reports on torture in October ~ Q-CAT Garden at Woodbrooke

  • No 21 - September

    Panorama Programme “Fighting Terror with Torture” ~ Quaker UN Office in Geneva: work related to that of Q-CAT ~ Stop the Arms Fair

  • No 20 - June

    Press release from website of Atlas of Torture about “Mandela Rules” on standards in the treatment of prisoners ~ Q-CAT at Meeting for Sufferings ~ Q-CAT at Yearly Meeting ~ The Human Rights Act ~ UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

  • No 19 - March

    In the news: UK Intelligence and Security Committee report on CIA Report; Doctors against Torture Conference ~ – Home Secretary announces an independent review of welfare in detention ~ Guantanamo Diary (book review) ~ Tributes to Chas Raws

2014 download list (PDF)
  • No 17 - September

    Update: Q-CAT’s work, duplication or a distinctive approach? ~ Report of Q-CAT at Yearly Meeting Gathering in Bath ~ Poem by MS

  • No 16 - June

    Update: A new inquiry begins; Have they responded yet?; “That was then”. Dare we hope that “This is now”? ~ UN International Day in support of victims of torture ~ Britain and Torture: 10 Questions to get us thinking, report of 2 workshops ~ Some thoughts on Torture, by Juliet Morton

  • No 15 - February

    Update:  Report of the Gibson Inquiry raises serious questions ~ Asylum seekers may be returned to danger of torture in Democratic Republic of Congo ~ An appreciation of Margaret Hodson’s work against the use of torture, by Juliet Morton

Pre-2014 download list (PDF)
  • No 14 - November 2013

    Update: UN Committee against Torture report; Intelligence and Security Committee ~ Report of visit from ACAT (France);~ Report of Freedom from Torture group visit to Woodbrooke ~ Report of UNA Meeting in Bangor ~ Amnesty International Stop Torture Campaign 2014

  • No 13 - June 2013

    Update: Torture victims honoured; A bad time for Human Rights in Britain; UN Report; Human Rights as political football; Syria; Oxford Research Group ~ Q-CAT at BYM ~ British Government concealment, secrecy and denial, by John Cockcroft

  • No 12 - February 2013

    Update ~ Report of Britain Tortures Too Conference ~ Q-CAT Garden: relocation to Woodbrooke ~ Cruel Britannia (book review)

  • No 11 - October 2012

    Update: Her Majesty’s Torturers; Secret Courts ~ Reflections on Q-CAT Garden, by Dori Miller

  • No 10 - June 2012

    Update ~ Report of 2 meetings one concerned with victims of torture (speaker Joanne Adams of Freedom from Torture) and the second with those caring for them (speaker Andy Branch, Quaker working at FfT) ~ Secrecy and Justice, by Juliet Morton

  • No 9 - February 2012

    Update ~ Q-CAT Garden for RHS Tatton Show 7/12 ~ Torture is a moral issue (book review) ~  From the archives “Torture and Inhuman Treatment”, by Eric Baker

  • No 8 - October 2011

    Update ~ Q-CAT at Yearly Meeting Gathering ~ The Interrogator (book review) ~   Torture and Complicity in it, by Juliet Morton

  • No 7 - June 2011

    Update ~ Gibson Inquiry ~ Risks to Democracy: Government and its use of communications expertise

  • No 5 - October 2010

    No future without forgiveness, by Chas Raws ~ Compassion, by Juliet Morton ~ Letter to my torturer (book review) ~ Writing to prisoners

  • No 4 - June 2010

    New Government, new opportunities, by Chas Raws ~ Ending torture: the next steps, day seminar at Woodbrooke 10/4/10 ~ A letter from America (Chuck Fager) ~ Writing to prisoners

  • No 3 - February 2010

    Update, by Chas Raws: On realising ideals; A new development; A Quaker response ~ Torture is effective – or is it?, by Juliet Morton

  • No 2 - October 2009

    Torture – Strictly forbidden? ~ Q-CAT at Yearly Meeting Gathering in York ~ Friends House conference in April 2009 ~ Writing to prisoners

  • No 1 - March 2009

    Reunion (of QSBOP and Q-CAT) ~ Fostering freedom and democracy: UK government’s official and unofficial stance, by Juliet Morton ~ Writing to prisoners ~Advertisement for Torture – Strictly Forbidden? Conference